Monday, July 1, 2019

...Dunno if they did sed that
or if their impressive attributes gave way to their robust clarity through onomatopoeia (talking about Beavis and Butthead: how fire's cool) but I'll get into their ol allegiance to error by society's rules:

Lemme begin by saying as many of you're quite unaware just as many of you now withe electrify'n election of '16 (you can certainly see who Almighty God is for: so that should kinda, sorta give U.S. a hint [HintHint]) we have the 'have's and the 'have not's in morality and maturity.

the LIAR, ol El Diablo, swiftly conformed America from society's genesis up-till-now where we have the insidious L bashing the R (and vice-versa) constantly at war, constantly at odds, 24/7: the empty lure, the burlesque etiquette called the 'news' is a total, deceitful drug now. Why? Mosta em, if not all of em, push Almighty God aside, focus on the dunghill world, saying, 'sHe can come later.'

O yeah? Tell me this, mortal. What happens when your indelible soul comes out of your body as you lie in the grave rotting after three days to be judged by Jesus based on what WE alone have done with our lifelong demise?? (not the other way: mortal humanity doesnt get to judge Jesus) And, believe me, He will NOT have any trouble seeing through our fa├žade.

Yeah. I know. Rhetorical. Rhetorical. Rhetorical. But, yet, like in the military or any practice where you gotta be the best, rhetorical ain't always bad, soldier.

The narrative, however, is certainly preferable to darkness o'er the world: we cannot simply turn-off the Light Upstairs simply cuzz human beings cannot turn-off Almighty God: our lifelong demise is but an unreliable system of athletic, spurious expression in which we grow old and eventually cease to function anymore as some of U.S. shall find-out tonight. I hope to God you're going to same place I'm going.

That quote at the outset was one of limited discernment which I found hilarious in my immaturity; yet I grew past that in my proclamation of wreckless tact: dunno why summa youse love to turn your passionate minds over to the enemy of thy soul. But, hey, dude, that's precisely what I went through (and am still): a superego...

In His MagnificentOutrageousAstuteness, lemme giveth unto thee, my just and worthy liege, summore ferocious destiny which you can mull over which will inevitably influence your existence, up or down, good or bad, the realization you've been following a LIAR and get-out or continue withis crappy shituation, consequently depraved tyranny, collectively, worshipping an idol who was kicked-out. Dat juss d'fak,Jak: you know better;

Lemme tella youse some course corrections, bubba, withe most implementatiously delicious ingrediants if you persevere in thy productivity, k? Lil reality never hurt anyone, lil satanic dude, for you oughta re-discover my bubbly side: dont say I never gave you anything, Vinny, much less schizophrenic Satan who we've quickly and quietly pushed-under-the-shrinks-sofa in this age of the Freudian coneheads.

You aren't independant, America. We're CO-dependant with God; God made U.S. God shall demand an account of your Finite Existence when wee perish. You do, too, though most of U.S. are in a state of denial. You think you're independant. Thus, pride works its way in. Whot was the Devil's first sin? Pride. And, tell me, where is that filth now, soon-to-be roasting?

Yes, my Lord God is much stronger than granite, as mighty as a whole mountain range; yet as soft and lofty as the whisper-thin-wings of a butterfly. God's much stronger than this weeek planet. So a better Way home is this: if you wanna change both your life and what this once, mighty country believed in deliberately perverting our souls by corroding and nullifying our culture by wasting-away our youth, lil satanists, I have the missing link between our Lord and humanity: purity, not necessarily perfection - just as Milton in Paradise Lost justified captivity to the truth, so I wanna express the monolithic Rock of the cathedral pointing to Heaven.

getDfaks, Jak,
before you talk back:
Unless we stop listening
to the cacophonyOchaos
from the filthy, whorizontal
'news' every night which
quietly, first listen to the
from the unsparing VitSee.

And if Beavis and Butthead wanna play with fire? That's fine. Whatever hollow myriads exalts the experts on earth. The bottom line is, peepow, live a life worthy of God which I do by frequent kneeling and confessing; furthermoe, Curly, God who calls U.S. into His Kingdome. Why?? God wills us A-L-L to be holy, not taking part in the Devil's self-indulgent, selfish lust in our immorality. If you dont know by now, Satan is a DECEIVER and a LIAR: Ezekiel 33:11

Make Your Choice -SAW
(remember those nasty fliks?
They hada lot of em, directed
by the BigWigz who aint
afraid of losing Heaven.
Let that be a lesson to U.S.)